Find Sarah performing in venues throughout the greater Hartford area with various notable musicians.

March 30th 7:30-9:30pm - Sarah Hanahan presents her Undergraduate Senior Recital @ Berkman Hall Hartt School of Music

March 21-24th Sets 7pm and 9pm - Sarah Hanahan with Diva Jazz Orchestra @ Dizzy’s Club Jazz at Lincoln Center

March 9th 1-2pm - Sarah Hanahan with Matt Chasen - Music of John Coltrane @ Integrity n Music

March 2nd 1-2pm - Sarah Hanahan with Conway Campbell Quintet @ Integrity n Music

March 1st 8-10pm @ The Side Door Jazz Club - Sarah Hanahan Quintet

February 27th 6:30-7:30pm @ New Britain Museum of American Art Walnut Hill Jazz Series - Sarah Hanahan Quartet

February 22nd 8-10pm @ The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center - Sarah Hanahan Quartet

February 10th 3-4pm @ Hartford Public Library Baby Grand Jazz Series - Sarah Hanahan Quintet

February 1st 9pm-1pm @ Paris Blues with Ed Fast Quintet

January 26th 7:30-10pm@ The Packing House - Sarah Hanahan Quintet FT Josh Bruneau

January 8th - 13th Performing in Reno Nevada for JEN Convention “Sisters in Jazz”

December 30th 10:30am @ Wadsworth Atheneum Museum - Sarah Hanahan Quartet ft. Taylor McCoy

December 21st 8pm @ Make Music Hartford Solstice with Sarah Hanahan Quartet

December 13th 5pm @ Butler McCook House - Sarah Hanahan Duo

December 10th 6pm @ Firebox Restaurant - Sarah Hanahan Trio

December 6th 7:30pm@ Hartt School Combo Concerts (Sarah Performs with Latin Graduate Ensemble)

December 1st - 3rd @ Ravinia Steans Annual Meeting (Chicago, IL)

November 21st 9pm @ Owl Shop with Josh Bruneau Quintet

November 10th 7pm @ Delish Lounge - Sarah Hanahan Trio

November 6th 7:30pm @ Berkman Recital Hall (Hartt School of Music) Sarah featured with Classical Saxophone Studio directed by Carrie Koffman

November 3rd 6pm @ Asylum Hill Church with Ed Fast Conga Bop

November 3rd 1:00pm @ Integrity n’ Music with Matt Chasen Septet

October 20th 7:30pm @ The Packing House - Sarah Hanahan Quintet

October 18th 6pm @ Real Art Ways with Ed Fast and Congabop Quintet

October 6th @ Goodwin Hotel with Ed Fast and Congabop Quintet

October 3rd @ Casona with Ed Fast and Congabop Quintet

October 2nd @ Prospect Cafe with Dan Liparini Quartet

Sep 28th @ Adams Mill with Brayden Beason Quartet

Sep 22nd @ Porron and Pina with Ed Fast Conga Bop

Sep 15th @ Integrity n Music with Matt Dwonsyk Quintet

Sep 15th @ Integrity n Music with Jeremy Galloway Sextet

Sep 4th @ Prospect Cafe with Dan Liparini Quartet

August 14th @ Never Ending Books - Sarah Hanahan and Nicholas Serrambana Duo

August 13th 6 pm @ Bushnell Park - Sarah Hanahan Quartet opening for Helen Sung at the Paul Brown Monday Night Jazz Series

August 13th 8:45pm @ Black Eyed Sally’s - Sarah Hanahan Quartet after Bushnell Park Concert